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3 YouTube channels with home workout for men

3 YouTube channels with home workout for men

February 16, 2020

In order to have a strong body, it is not necessary to kill all your free time in the gym. All you need is just desire and some free time to put your body in order at home. For this purpose, we specially selected 3 channels with training, where you do not need sports equipment.

Jordan Yeoh Fitness

The author of the channel by his own example proves that such basic exercises as push-ups, plank, ABS exercises, etc. are enough for an ideal body. The main thing is to do systematically, do not forget about stretching and aerobic exercises.

Strength Side

A channel of practicing yogi on which he shows how to make your body strong and resilient through this practice. Here you will find both ordinary exercises for developing strength and improving stretching, as well as traditional yoga exercises and even exercises that mimic the movements of various animals.

Fraser Wilson

A channel with short home workouts for which you need a sports mat and some free time. The author focuses on ABS exercises and shares recipes for proper nutrition.